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About eMusic Studios. 

eMusic Studios is a nonprofit music production studio and publishing company founded by Mark L Everett. Inspired by the great Venezuelan maestro Jose Antonio Abreu, Mr. Everett established the program in 2019 for the disadvantaged youth within his inner-city northside community in Spartanburg, SC, in hopes for social transformation through music.


“Music has to be recognized as an element of socialization because it transmits the highest social values, such as solidarity, harmony, and mutual compassion.” - Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu

eMusic Studios has partnered with The City of Spartanburg, Parks and Recreation, and The Spartanburg Academic Movement to bring its Music Afterschool Program to local community centers and schools. The music program teaches children how to recreate popular music using musical instrumentation.

Our Affiliates

We thank all of our affiliates and other professional talent that we have worked with.

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